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Handwritten Livejournal

handwritten livejournal.
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where the entries are written by hand.
WELCOME TO handwritten_lj!

"it all started out as a tiny project based on the idea that maybe livejournal entries don't have to be just typed up; they can be written by hand as well. never did it cross our minds that we'd be getting so many members, having such a fun time, meeting great people and dotting the i's of our names at the end of our entries at the same time."

We're a very simple community, with very simple rules. If you were to break one of our rules, we'd simply have to delete you from the community. Yes, it's as simple as that.

the rules.
1. Obviously, all entries must be handwritten.
2. LJ-cuts are not only necessary, they're mandatory.

3. Be nice when commenting to other members.
4. Notify the moderators of any harassment going on in the community.
5. HAVE FUN :)

Credits for layouts:

Layout made by unoriginal
User Information made by shindei